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Five Reasons Your Vehicle Needs Consistent Car Washes

Consistent oil changes are important, and so are wheel alignments and tire rotations for that matter. When it comes to the cosmetic upkeep like car washes, many people are willing to let those things slide and save a little time and money. Unfortunately that's not a good play int he long term. While you may be saving a few bucks now, avoiding car washes may be setting you up for an expensive trip to East Side Collision Center & Automotive Services

Car Washes Keep Your Car Healthier 

Besides making your car look oh so shiny, regular washes and waxes are important to keeping your vehicle’s body healthy. Waxing the car isn’t just for dad when he’s bored on a Sunday. It’s a very important part of the process. Skipping it is like not using toothpaste when you brush, but we’ll get to that in a bit. 

Structural Integrity

First let’s talk about why those washes are so important. Your car’s body picks up a lot of dust and grime while driving. Anyone who drives a dark car can tell you that. All of that grim slowly chips away at your vehicle’s paint, exposing the sheet metal beneath. Winter is especially rough on your vehicle’s exterior. Though salt is great at melting the ice on the road, those same properties make quick work of your exterior. And once the sheet metal is exposed, the rust moves in and gets very comfortable. And it’s a greedy, hungry guest. Once it starts eating at your sheet metal, it can be tough, and expensive, to eradicate. Not only is rust unsightly, but it can expose vehicle components to the elements that are not meant to be exposed. 

Driving Safety 

Would you drive your car down the road with the windows covered with frost or snow? Of course not. Then why would you think it is safe to drive your car with dirt, bugs, and debris covering the windows? It isn’t. Anything that dirties your windows prevents you from seeing the roads clearly. For your safety as well as others, please keep your windows clean. You certainly don't want to get in an accident and have to call East Side Towing to have your car or truck taken care of. 

Wax Protects A Clean Car’s Body 

So what’s a driver to do? You guessed it: car washes. So where does the wax come in? Wax acts as a protective layer once your car’s body is clean. It works to prevent debris from making contact with your paint, including that wicked bugger salt. UV rays from the sun are also harmful to your paint. Wax helps to block out a good part of this harmful radiation. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Did you know that a clean car promotes better fuel efficiency? Although there have been earlier statements that dirt particles create an aerodynamic effect similar that of to a golf ball, this simply isn’t true. The dirt on your car creates drag, which causes your car to burn more fuel. Tests have proven that a clean car is 10% more fuel-efficient than the same dirty car. It's always great to save on fuel

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